How YouTube Monetization Works fast

The answer basic questions about it I'm going to talk about ,how you actually monetize your YouTube channel" using a when you can, expect to be paid and how much is a shin and adds on YouTube actually making one . let's go ahead and Jump Right In you already heard me mention: Google AdSense AdSense the advertising ,platform the way you make money lynks disease and description below that you can go inside of the county. If you haven't done that you signed up qualified :for the county, that's what I want to do is your going to specify how you want to be there are two options you can ,choose you can have a physical address Google AdSense account you need to link it .Your YouTube channel the easiest way, to do this is if you're using the same email address, that you are in the case that you're not doing that there's a convenient option in YouTube channel can you take out a different email addresses..

You can take care of it that way so on and so forth once, you've done that you need to monetize your videos there's a couple of ways you can do this. If we had existing video content if you go to the video, tab in YouTube you can click on this gray icon, that has a dollar sign and you will get medication ,options assuming that your video qualifies, for monetization for your video youtube Money Calculator pounds to qualify for my the station in the original content you need to own copyright to all the material . it needs to be fair use Creative Commons what have you need something we're not infringing on the copyright" of another person easiest way to avoid copyright infringement, strikes that can affect your ability to make money on YouTube.
Is just completely original content" another way to go ahead and go into settings options you can choose from all kinds of different choices. Just depending on the status of your account and the length of your videos , and you might be able to do Labs that are not skipping like the ones you might be able to display advertising overlay. Advertising options that you select the more chances of video has to making money, again remember that your videos to be monetized account with YouTube has to be in good standing . As that your AdSense account, in your options for your channel you can see" what features are available to you and whether your channel is in good standing or not s. Now you know how to monetize "your videos on YouTube the question, when do you get paid at how much so the way out is through a threshold a minimum of $100 before. So what happens if you don't get paid for those.

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